VideoBuddy Apk Free Download For Android Devices 2021



This is the most popular that can be found in this contemporary society. There couldn’t be any other app that can be similar to this VideoBuddy. The VideoBuddy is mainly supported for the HD. Mainly it is supported for the ultra HD and for the 1080p. There are many video player apps just like the VideoBuddy available in the play store. But there is not anyone that could be equivalent to the VideoBuddy. 


The VideoBuddy supported for the 4K HD formats with more other powerful features. Along with the latest version more other videos have been added to the existing library of the VideoBuddy. That the latest version is 1. 3VBD. Also it is about only a 4 MB sized app. Use it today onwards. 

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Features of the VideoBuddy 

Auto detecting 

This is the main feature that is included in an app like Video Buddy. The VideoBuddy detects all the video’s presence in the device as well as in your SD card. It just takes only a few seconds to go through the device’s memory as well as the overall device. 

Playing files 

By using this VideoBuddy app, the files can be played very smoothly without any disturbance for the overall process. Here the app is with a perfect and clean design. Though each and every user could understand the overall process here very simply. This app is along with many more features. But this is a type of lightweight app. If you think this is beneficial, allocate some space for that. 


As mentioned in the above the VideoBuddy is supported for many more formats of diverse video file items. Apart from that if you are thinking about the slow-motion videos, these are provided by this app. Therefore the VideoBuddy is supported for all types of videos located in your device as well as the SD card even. 


As you are already aware, this is a lightweight app. But most of the people wondered if this lightweight app can handle such multiple tasks. But that is true, there are more tasks that can be performed by using this type of app. 

Can be easily Controllable 

Even small children can understand the procedure of the Video Buddy. Therefore it is full of easy gestures. All applications here can be accessed successfully by using these gestures. Adjust the volume, brightness, and other features quickly by using this application. 


This is the best app for quick exploration. If you have seen any kind of video that is playing on the internet, explore that video within a few seconds. That all process is easier along with this amazing VideoBuddy app.

Facts and Requirements for the VideoBuddy.

Further features 

So there are more other features included in the Video Buddy app. Some of them are Zooming and zooming out. There is the repeating mode. Also, the child lock and the pop-up windows have made this work more easily. And if you want to zoom the video what you want and watch them. 


Due to the all-exclusive features here over 1,000,000 individuals have joined with the app. In the future even there would be more people will be added 

Free to use 

There is no charge for the usage of this VideoBuddy app. So there are no charges that have to be paid in order to use the application. 


The app is safe. There is no harmful software against the app. Also, the VideoBuddy has undergone a safety scan. 

What’s new with the latest version of the VideoBuddy? 

  • The bugs have fixed
  • More improvements can be seen 
  • More enhancements 
  • Addition of more video records 

An app like the Video Buddy cannot be found very easily. Therefore try to take advantage of the time that you have got. Just try it. I am sure certainly you would like this app very much. 

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