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nova launcher

The Nova Launcher is a better and powerful launcher that anyone could use. This Launcher is basically for the customization of views of the home screen, icons, and as well as the folders of any device. Apart from the stated facts related to this Launcher there are many more unique qualities included with this launcher. However customize your home screen in the desired way, by using this expert Nova Launcher. Just after customization, you are having a unique device that no one else has. 

nova launcher

Sometimes the nova Launcher is acting as a powerful cleaner to be with you to organize your device. Many optimizations are along with this launcher’s latest version. The latest version of it is 6.2.13. And it is about only a 10 MB sized app. Just a small app but performing more. 

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Features of the Nova Launcher 

Advance graphic quality 

This is the basic reason that most people are attracted to the app. Any user can’t expect much graphic quality like the creations included in here. There are transitions here along with three dimensions. All the work can be done with the fingertips. 

Customize features 

  The users are able to apply such customized features for the icons, folders, and apps too. Set up shortcuts to make your work more faster and effective. Make your all icons customize while visiting from one desktop to another one. 

  Not only for your android phone, apply these features for your tablet as well. 

Icon theme 

  In the nova Launcher there are more types of diverse styles and icons are there. Those icons are available in the play store. That multiple supportive features brings you a diverse experience of customization. 

Dark mode and the night mode 

  The developers have thought about our health. While using the app for night time apply the night mode here in the launcher. And every time you can leave it for the dark mode. Easily you can organize the night mode into any specific time. Or else use the dark theme. 

App drawer 

  Another specific feature contained here. The scroll can be performed vertically as well as horizontally. There are other effective problems here. And even more, other immersive effects are here in this perfect Nova Launcher. 

Subgrid position 

  Snap the icons as well as the widgets between the grid cells. This is another diverse feature that none of you couldn’t explore within another application. The Nova Launcher has all of them. 

Requirements and facts about the Nova Launcher

Popularity of the Nova launcher

Due to the all specific features here currently over 50, 000,000 individuals have joined with this nova Launcher. All of them are enjoyed with the features of the Nova Launcher. 


Here in this launcher almost all features are for free. But some of the listed features are present in the paid version of the launcher. But however, you can perform your desired tasks along with the free version. Also there is a paid version.

Requirements for use 

To work with this android app, then every user has to belong to a device with the android version 4.0 or a higher version. If you haven’t such a device, you can’t access this app. 

Backup and then restore 

This feature will be helpful while you charge your phone. You could get all the data from your last device. All data will be saved in the cloud. 

Speed of the Nova launcher

The launcher is a highly optimized launcher. It has a high speed and a smooth procedure while running the launcher in your device. 

Hide unwanted apps 

You can perform this process except uninstalling them. Hide the apps from the app drawer in here. 


The Nova android home modder as known as launcher will protect your privacy 100%.  There is no any type of harmful content here. The launcher has undergone a safety scan. Make sure that you will get it from a trusted source definitely. 

What’s new with the latest version of the Nova Launcher? 

  • Fixed bugs
  • Optimization of the app 

   They all stated facts are about the launcher app. It is a perfect launcher for everyone looking for an advanced launcher. Use it today onwards. 

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