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Play any video or else any music file by using this amazing PLAYit. Because it is supported for multiple formats. Or it is correct if we say that the PLAYit supported for almost all formats in here. Also, not only the above tasks here, but there are also more functions that can be performed by this PLAYit ANDROID app. So direct download any video or music files anywhere. And play them directly with the help of the PLAYit app. And the app allowed for the users of the direct download any item of video by social media even. 


Further improvements have been made with the latest version of the PLAYit. So that the latest version is Also it is about a 14 MB sized app. If the readers think that this will be a great app for the usage, allocate some more space for this PLAYit. 

Features of the PLAYit ANDROID APK 

All in one 

As in the previous description here there are many more tasks that can be done by using the PLAYit ANDROID. The app is always readily available to make your ears and eyes to be enjoyed. 

Download this app just now and experience it for much more time. The audio and the video player is supported for the multiple formats of the records. Therefore it is much better for use. 

Auto detecting features 

Auto identifies many types of media files here. Detect all those present in the android device as well as in the SD card. The downloaded device or any other source is not affected by the playing of both audio and video.  All the files will play with a high definition for sure. 

Quick searches 

The great video and audio player allows for quick searches. Also, if there are more lists of contents it is very difficult to find a certain record. In such times the PLAYit would help you. Just a few seconds would be needed for the searching process. You would find the record definitely. Also browse privately for exploring any other thing. All the downloaded ones will be directly saved for the device. 

Background play 

The PLAYit lets you play any type of record background. There is a floating play window here. Therefore the user is able to do another work while the PLAY it is activated. Also while listening to songs, chat with your friends even. 

Video audio converting 

So these video and audio files can be converted to each other. Just one click needed to be the conversion. 

Gesture control of the video playing 

There are more options that can be achieved by this PLAY it app. There are many more features that can be controlled over here just like the volume and the brightness.

Download link for the PLAYit android app


Facts about the PLAYit android app

Safety about the PLAYit

The PLAYit is safe for usage. There is no other harmful software included here. So all those features here are not harmful. The PLAYit is rated for the 3+. That means this can be used by the small children even. And also parental guidance is not much required. 

Contain ads 

There are some more ads contained in the PLAYit app. Also these ads are placed by the app developer. Therefore the users won’t be disturbed by those ads.

What’s new with the latest version of the PLAYit? 

  • Software Acceleration can be applied 
  • The help of the new kernel SW decoder. 
  • Allowing download of the video clips and other media clip 
  • Updated cool themes 
  • Supported for some more languages 
  • Improvements can be seen 
  • The bugs have fixed 

  The stated are some more facts about the play it grate app. Also that app is much beneficial to use. There is no other app that is similar to the above PLAY it. Therefore just try this app today onwards. 

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