iTube Android Apk Free Download For Android Devices 2021



iTube android app is a popular amusing app for playing most of the video content. Especially the video content is YouTube videos. The most amusing fact is the user doesn’t want to download the video contents that he wants to watch. Either there are no data expenses due to the watching of the video contents. If the user wants to watch the videos again, no need of loading those again. Those video content will be stored in the device cache. Open the video from the cache and watch it again. 


There could find more types of videos here to get attracted to the iTube app just once. Find any favorite video channel by the YouTube content.  The latest version of the iTube is along with the much more improved features. That latest version is the 3.8.10. And it is only about a 12 MB sized app.

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Features of the iTube Android app

Select the contents that you needed 

Explore any channel presence on YouTube. Therefore the users are able to watch any item here. Not only this app, but there are also more other options that can be found here. 

Do whatever along with the videos 

There are more types of apps that can be opened by playing the iTube in the background. It supported the floating windows. Keep two or more tabs open at the same time. Listen to tire songs and watch more other video content here.

No limits 

 There are no limitations. So any user can watch any item of contents here. Also, ITube is the only method to watch videos without any limits. 

No ads

There are no more advertisements contained herein this iTube. Therefore you would not be faced with any interruptions while watching these videos. 

Complete multimedia player

This is not only an app that can be used for watching any content on YouTube. Now this is acting as a multimedia player even. In the future, the iTube will develop to a more advanced level. During that time, each and every user could use this specific iTube for the more important tasks. 

Create a Playlist and the library 

By the addition of your favourite all records create your own Playlist. Also, that would be beneficial for you. Because you need not explore one by one. Just all in one place. So explore it quickly within a short period of time. Add all the video and the audio contents. 

Facts and Requirements for the iTube Android app

Requirements of iTube android app

To use this iTube app, the users have to be along with the device of the android version 4.0.3 or upwards. So if the user hasn’t such a device the person can’t use the iTube app.

iTube android app is for free 

The place where the iTube can be located is difficult to explore. Because it is removed from Google Play. But there are some more external sources that can be downloaded by the iTube. 


This is legal content. But that is removed from Google Play. Although the app is protected from the copyright from the Internet. 

Permissions required 

There are some more permissions required for the usage of the iTube. You have to enable unknown sources to download each and every content. If you haven’t enabled it before the download, you would get an error message. 


The iTube is safe from more harmful software. Because this iTube had undergone a safety scan. It is free from all harmful malware.

What’s new with the latest version of the iTube? 

  • The bugs have fixed 
  • Minor improvements can be seen 
  • More new features have added 

  The iTube is certainly the best application to use for watching any content without downloading them. No, any data charge due to the usage of the app. If you haven’t used it yet try to start it today onwards. 

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