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Media Lounge Apk – IPTV and Movies Apps for Android

Media Lounge App is a recently introduced Android streaming application that can be installed on various types of media streaming devices like Firestick, Android, PC, Mac, and so on.

The predecessor application of Media Lounge is considered to be the Live Lounge app, and this application is a product of the same developers.

If you have ever used Livelounge Apk, you might be aware of the fact that it was primarily developed for users in the UK and the USA.

Media Lounge Apk

However, Media Lounge Apk addresses the entire world by offering globalized features and options in the application.

Unique Features of Media Lounge App

  • Media Lounge is not only a movie and tv show streaming application like many other similar apps on the internet nowadays.
  • The reason is that this app offers you IPTV facilities as well.
  • Therefore, you have the option to watch all the favorite and popular tv channels from UK, USA, Europe, and many more.
  • Apart from that, the developer has given you the opportunity to request unavailable live tv channels from the development team.
  • So that, they evaluate the possibility of adding them into the Media Lounge app and release an update notice once they have done it.
  • Other than live tv channels, you can request your favorite movies and tv channels as well.
  • For example, let’s say that you are a fan of the Game of Thrones tv-series, and there are some episodes that are missing in the app.
  • So all you have to do is lodge a request to the developers clearly stating the specific movie, tv-series, or episode.

Additional Benefits of using Media Lounge Apk

Media Lounge is a relatively new introduction to the streaming apps family. Therefore there could be certain types of unresolved bugs in the app.

So if you have ever come across such types of a thing in this app, you can report that to the developers immediately for the betterment of the app.

The application is available for totally free of charge. However, advertisements are running on it, and that helps the developers to continue to the app.

However, there are certain types of ways that you can watch movies and tv shows in the application without advertisements.

So all you have to do is getting a pain account from the developers, and they will provide you a media lounge account with no ads.

The price you have to pay to get such an account is highly insignificant when you compare the same with the cost of premium services like Hulu and Tubi tv.

Final Words

Media Lounge App installation is quite straightforward, and the installation tutorials are provided on their official website that we have mentioned above.

So, if this is the first time that you are using Media Lounge, we recommend that you visit their official site and follow the instructions to download and install the app according to the type of your device.

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