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For the users who are interested in file-sharing apps, now you can use “Zapya,” the most efficient file sharing application globally.  Among millions of worldwide users, now you can use Zapya as it is the most important and user-friendly file transferring application that is compatible with a wide range of computer and mobile operating systems such as  Android, iOS, windows, mac and other versions. 

So now, you can quickly and freely download this most advanced technology to your smart mobile devices as well as computer devices.   Using this cross-platform now, you can easily enable file sharing facility between Android to Android, iOS to iOS, Android to iOS, iOS to Android as separate crossings.  This is the best opportunity for users, and this must be the only available opportunity for cross-sharing. 

What is Zapya?

Zapya is one of the most interesting file sharing applications that allows users to share files between different platforms. So users have the freedom to share any kind of files just in a few seconds, and it does not include any restrictions or limitations to limit sharings. When concerned about the security of the application, Zapya is trusted and reliable.  So you are 100% safe as it generates a QR code. So after scanning the QR code, users can receive data. 

300 million people are now using this Zapya application, and it is available for Android, iOS, and Windows/Mac PCs. Millions of users recommended this file-sharing application, and if you are looking for the best one, then Zapya will be the best opportunity for you. 

Features of  Zappa

Because of plenty of benefits now, you can use Zapya on your smart devices, and now it is the best way to share files via cross platforms. So let’s see included features of this Zapya application and a few of them listed below. 

  • Peer-To-Peer File Sharing 
  • Easy to use.
  • Allows multiple file formats. 
  • Supports multiple languages. 
  • Sharing files without any data loss
  • No need for WiFi, mobile data 
  • A cross-platform app( supported for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows smart handset, Windows and Mac OS) 
  • Best group connection application
  • Availability of QR Code Sharing
  • Facilities for Chat or share streaming video / audio offline.
  • 100% high security.
  • Quickly send and receive files over the same wireless network.
  • No need for a cable to connect devices to share files. 
  • A freeware application

And there are lots of other benefits.  

Download and install Zapya

For the users who are looking to download and install Zapya here, you can follow below steps mentioned below. This is the way that Android users must follow, and using the Zapya apk download, users can easily get the application within a few seconds. 

Step 01. First, you have to download Zapya apk directly from the internet. 

Step 02. Then tap and open the device settings. Now you have to select security settings. Then put a tick on the “Unknown sources” option. This process is essential, and if you missed this step, you would get an error message. 

Step 03. Now you have to open the downloaded Zapya apk file. 

Step 04.  Then, click on the “install” option. Then you have to agree with the terms and conditions imposed by the app. After agreeing with them, you can continue the process.

Step 05. Now it’s all done.

Now you have successfully completed the download and install process, and then it’s your turn to use it, enjoy it! 

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