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Xrecorder Apk v1.4.0.3 Latest version free download for Android

Identify the main task of the Xrecorder by the name itself. Here the Xrecorder is only for recording the screen of your device. There are multiple features combined with the Xrecorder. Although the Xrecorder offers high-quality features Xrecorder. Unlimited time screen recording is provided by the Xrecorder at any time that the user desires. If the reader wants to experience these amazing features, just Xrecorder download quickly. Certainly, the amusing functions of the Xrecorder fascinate you towards the Recorder recording app. Apart from the basic functions of the Xrecorder, here are the newly added features of them. 

xrecorder apk

  • No rooting required to work with the Xrecorder 
  • No watermark 
  • No any time limit for the screen recording 

Meet with the other exclusive features of the Xrecorder just now. 

Perfect outcome 

Here always Xrecorder will offer its users the best. Xrecorder will always capture the screen records perfectly and smoothly too. Although all of the screen records are clear screen records. It is doing its task in the easiest way to the users of this perfect screen recorder. 

Not only screen records but there are screenshots even 

Capture the device screen to take a screenshot. After taking a screenshot there are multiple possible edits that can be done with this perfect Xrecorder, screen recording app. Therefore don’t worry about the editing and other all, just do what you want. 

Video recording and editing 

Mainly any user of the Xrecorder is capable of recording any event that is taking place on the screen of your device. That might be gameplay, any other live event, or else an important video call too. Whatever you want can be recorded successfully in the best quality. Just after recording a certain video, there are multiple options that the user has. Perform the edits that you wanted. There are multiple functions remaining within the app. Trim the video and adjust the speed of it until you get satisfied. Also, the user allows exporting the video with its custom settings. No watermark for the recorded screen records. 

With face cam 

While the screen recording the face cam even can be activated. By the activation of the face cam, the facial expressions of the device user can be recorded too. If anyone wants to record the changing facial expressions along with the screen records, enable the face cam to perform the task. 

Screen recorder in full HD 

That is a feature that many of the users expect to have. The screen recorder supports this highest HD quality. Here adjustable resolutions are available. Adjust up to the resolution that you want and proceed with your recording. 

Screen recording with sound 

Do you want to record the gameplay with the sounds of the game? Or else what if any user wants to record sound tutorials? That is possible with the Xrecorder. The Xrecorder will do it perfectly. And the recorder will record your voice or another sound very clearly. Aside from the given basic facts, there are some newly added features for the Xrecorder app. 

  • Supports for functions of mosaic and text 
  • The brush tool is supporting for the drawing and for more functions 
  • User experience has enhanced 
  • The bugs have fixed 

If the reader is satisfied with what the Xrecorder has then started working with the app. Definitely, it will fit your needs. 

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