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Line Apk v10.9.3 Free Download For Android Devices

Line Apk is a mobile messaging application from Japan. But as a company from Asia, this conquered the Instant Messaging field successfully. Now, this is popular among the people around the world. This is an amazing application that can use on multiplatform absolutely for free.

line apk

Origin of Line Apk

Line Apk is a totally free app to use and it has basic services like voice and video calling, texting with stickers, etc. But these features are going beyond the features of WhatsApp and Viber. At first, this app is originated from the Naver Company which is a Korean Company. But now this app is picked by Japan. There is over 2500 staff work on this company to give you the best experience of Line Apk.

User Engagement

According to the latest reports, there are more than 600 million users registered on Line Apk. Most of them are from countries like Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. This app is so popular in China because they do not have Facebook Messenger. China prohibited  Facebook right now. The users from the western and European countries also have begun to use this app widely.

Other Services

Now Line apk has expanded to 35 more services. So the first app is the instant messaging app. There are other new services like Games, App Markets, Music Stream, Cartoons, and The Payments service.


When compared with the other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat this is a great rival for them. As active users, wise above-mentioned apps are on the top but still, Line Apk can consider as a great opponent for them. In the near future, this app may dominate all these ranks.

As for now, Facebook Messenger is a great challenge for Line Apk. The reason is it trying to create another separated messaging platform with more features. When it comes to the WhatsApp it has the same basic features as Line Apk. So to overcome all these challenges this app has started creating more creative and effective features to the users. These features will be available on the next updates of the app.

Right now this app has a large network of users. The reason for it is If someone downloads this app he or she will introduce this app to their friends and family. The statics report that 60% of monthly users of the app are using this app daily without skipping a day. 70% of those daily users are from large countries too.

line apk features

Official Accounts

One of The special features of the app is there are official accounts that you can add to your list. Those official accounts are Brands and Celebrities. So instead of spamming the user with Ads, Line Apk gives you the chance to decide what you want to see.

 Line Apk Sticker Store

There is a large sticker store available. You can download these stickers for free. As an addition to the above topic, there are some stickers from Official Brands. So these stickers are hassle-free advertisements.


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